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Location is an important factor in determining the value of a property. It increases the property's value because of its nearness to all the necessary amenities, making life easier and saving time and effort. Nagavara's bustling Manyata Tech Park is a prime location in North Bengaluru-560045.

The Lodha Mirabelle Location has excellent connectivity and is located inside Manyata Tech Park at the crux of Nagavara, Thanisandra, and Hebbal, near existing and upcoming communities and facilities. This region has a significant intersection for the

  • Outer Ring Road,
  • Thanisandra Main Road, and
  • Bellary Road.


Lodha Mirabelle Address

Lodha Mirabelle’s address is Manyata Tech Park, off Hebbal, Nagavara, North Bangalore - 560045. The location provides easy connectivity to all the basic amenities and access to all other parts of Bengaluru.


Lodha Mirabelle Connectivity

The real estate sector majorly depends on the location and its connectivity to various other parts of the city. These are the crucial aspects that determine the success of any project, be it commercial or residential. The accessibility of a location to various amenities and transportation options can significantly impact its attractiveness and long-term value. In the case of residential projects, connectivity plays a vital role in enhancing residents' overall quality of life.

Airport connectivity:

Kempegowda International Airport

Well, the project (Manyata Tech park) is situated just 28 kms from Kempegowda International Airport. It takes hardly 30 minutes to reach the destination.

Rail Connectivity:

Thanisandra Railway Station

2 major railway stations surround the location,

  • Thanisandra Railway Station
  • Hebbal Railway station

These railway stations are within a 10-minute drive.

Road Connectivity:

Road Connectivity

The location is easily accessible through a well-connected road network that includes NH-44 (Bellary Road), connecting Manyata Tech Park and Kempegowda International Airport Kempegowda International Airport.

BMTC Connectivity:

BMTC Connectivity

To reach Manyata Tech Park from Majestic via BMTC bus in the shortest possible time, you can take the BMTC bus routes 276 or 276A. You can also take the 500A bus from Banashankari. These buses will take you directly to Manyata Tech Park and provide the most efficient route.

Cab services:

Cab Service Bangalore

Cab facilities are available round the clock. Commuters can easily access cab services at any time of the day.

Metro connectivity:

Namma Metro Connectivity

Bangalore Metro's Purple Line has a station called Nagavara. It is the nearest metro station to Manyata Tech Park. From Nagavara Station, you can take an auto-rickshaw or a bus to the park.

Nature Spots near Lodha Mirabelle:

Hebbal Lake (10 mins drive)

Hebbal Lake

Hebbal Lake is a breathtakingly beautiful lake located near Manyata Tech Park. It is a popular destination among birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. The lake offers a serene walking experience amidst lush greenery that provides a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can stroll, appreciate the stunning landscape and observe numerous bird species in and around the lake. It's the perfect place to reconnect with nature and unwind in peace.

Fun World Amusement Park (20 mins drive)

Fun World Amusement Park

Fun World Fun World is a favourite holiday spot close to Manyata Tech Park. It has thrilling rides like water slides, roller coasters, and bumper-car rides. There’s also an indoor arcade, the 12D theatre, and many other recreational activities. It’s an ideal location to enjoy an afternoon of enjoyment with your family or family members, with fun and excitement for everyone.

Lumbini Gardens: 25 mins drive:

Lumbini Gardens

Lumbini Gardens is a one-of-a-kind waterfront leisure park that is eco-friendly. It stretches over 1.5 km along the Nagavara Lake, located in Hebbal on the Outer Ring Road. The park is unique in its concept and is one of the locals' favourite spots. You can indulge in a variety of activities with friends and family, ranging from water rides to boating, and enjoy the beautiful landscaping. The park can accommodate up to 5,000 visitors and also offers the option of holding get-togethers and parties.

Kannamangala Lake: 20 mins drive:

Kannamangala Lake

Kannamangala Lake is a large lake situated 7km from ITPL in Bengaluru East Taluk. It is located in a fast-growing residential area and has undergone significant changes in ecology, land use, and management over the past decade. The lake covers an area of 18 acres and was previously managed by the neighbourhood. It was a primary source of drinking water for the villages of Kannamangala, Seegehalli, and Doddabhanahalli, as well as an irrigation source for their agricultural fields.



Nagavara is a suburb located in Northern Bangalore. The locality is well-connected to the neighbouring areas of Hebbal, Thanisandra, and Amrutahalli. At affordable prices, one can find various properties in the locality, including villas, multi-storey apartments, plots, and independent houses. The public transport in the area is efficient. The locality is close to Manyata Tech Park, which houses many major IT companies. Lodha Mirabella, one of the latest luxurious apartment projects, is nearby.

Airport Connectivity:

Nagavara is conveniently located just 27.6 km from Kempegowda International Airport, which can be reached within a 20-minute drive.

Road Connectivity:

Nagavara is well-connected to other key areas of Bangalore through a well-built road that includes NH-44 (Bellary Road)

Metro connectivity:

Nagavara is connected to Bangalore's Namma Metro via the Purple Line. Additionally, the new Pink Line from Kalena Agrahara to Nagavara will be inaugurated in March 2025, offering many benefits to residents.

Health care near Nagavara:

Health care near Nagavara

  • Fortis Hospital :18 mins drive
  • Prime Care Hospital : 10 mins drive
  • Bright Hospital : 10 mins drive
  • Sunshine : 15 mins drive
  • Divine Speciality Hospital : 20 mins drive
  • Suraksha Hospital : 20 mins drive
  • Bangalore Baptist Hospital : 10 mins drive

Schools/Colleges near Nagavara:

Schools/Colleges near Nagavara

  • BMS College of Management Studies: 25 mins drive
  • Indian Academy Degree College : 10 mins drive
  • United PU and Degree College : 21 min drive
  • Innova PU and Degree College : 14 min drive
  • Sri Chaitanya school : 20 mins drive (All 3 branches)
  • New Orchard Public School : 12 min drive
  • Saint Pawls Public School : 9 min drive
  • Daniyal Modern School. : 11 min drive

Shopping malls and Recreation near Nagavara:

Shopping Malls and Recreation near Nagavara

  • Elements Mall : 5 min drive
  • Orion east :20 min drive
  • Esteem Mall :15 min drives
  • Garuda Shopping Mall : 15 min drive
  • Gopalan Signature Mall : 21 min drive
  • RMZ Galleria Mall : 20 min drive
  • One mg Mall : 25 min drive
  • Lido Shopping Mall : 20 min drive
  • Gopalan Grand Mall : 21 min drive
  • Sigma Central : 20 min drive

IT Park Near Nagavara

IT Park Near Nagavara

  • Manyatha Tech Park : 0 mins
  • International Tech Park :25 mins drive
  • Eco Space :30 mins drive
  • Embassy tech village : 25 min drive
  • Bagmane Tech Park : 25 min drive
  • RMZ world :25 mins drive
  • IBC knowledge park : 20 mins drive
  • Kalyani Plaza : 20 mins drive

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Lodha Mirabelle located?

It is inside Manyata Tech Park in Nagavara, off Hebbal, North Bangalore -560045

2. Does the project location offer easy access to the metro?

Nagavara is connected to Bangalore's Namma Metro via the Purple Line

3. How far is the international airport from the project location?

Lodha Mirabelle is situated just 28 kms from Kempegowda International Airport.

4. Does the location offer easy connectivity to any IT and Tech Parks?

The project is right inside the Manyata tech park.

5. Is the project is nearby to any famous lakes?

Yes, It is surrounded by many lakes like Hebbal lake, Kannamangala lake to name a few.

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